How to Help

The success of Discovering My PurposeTM rests on the help of people like you.  Thanks for your willingness to support us and help spread the word so that more youth can benefit.

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Do you know of a school, club or place of worship that could host a Discovering My Purpose Program?  Programs range from weekend intensives to semester-long classes.  Thanks for introducing us so that more youth can live lives of purpose. To make a donation, go here.  And if you know of people or organizations that would be interested in financially supporting our work, please put us in touch.  All donations are tax deductible.  These funds help provide resources to Discovering My Purpose and programming to students without the ability to otherwise attend.
Spread the Word
Become a Teacher
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Follow us via your favorite social media channels.  Thanks for sharing and retweeting to help us build our following! All youth need purpose.  To expand our reach, we need to expand our teaching staff.  Would you like to become a teacher?  Or do you know someone who would love to help kids in this way?  Check out our page to learn more about this opportunity.