Mission, Vision and Goals

Discovering My Purpose is a charitable organization, a 501(c)3 focused on youth development.

Who we serve: We respect and value diversity and want to create an environment that is inclusive of all, no matter your age*, gender, sexuality, religious and/or political background

Discovering My Purpose Mission: To provide the resources and guidance for youth to discover their passion and purpose in life

Discovering My Purpose Vision:  Youth thriving by discovering, developing and using their unique skills to make meaningful contributions to the world

Our Focus: While the process works for all ages, Discovering My Purpose focuses on serving youth since they are in a place of critical need

Discovering My Purpose has three key goals.

First, provide people aged 14 to 24 with guidance and exercises on how they can find their purpose.

Second, connect people in conversation around topics that they are passionate about.  Ultimately it is our vision to have a community for a variety of topics - whether you are an artist or an advocate, or a scientist or a saxophone player - we want there to be a place where you can talk about how you are pursuing your purpose with others who have a similar interest.

Third, help parents and educators understand how to help support youth seeking their purpose in life.
Are you an educator or parent?   Learn more about how to support purpose.  

Want to help?   Discovering My Purpose's success rests on the contributions of people like you.

* Per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, participants must be 13 years of age and older in order to create an account.   Those who are younger are welcome to experience the Discovering My Purpose process as a visitor.