Thanks for your interest in learning more about how to support youth on their path to purpose.  

Our kids have a clear need for purpose.  Without purpose, they are adrift.  This results in kids who struggle, as shown by today's levels of substance abuse, depression and suicide.  Purpose is powerful.  It grounds people, making it more likely they will live happier, more meaningful lives.

Discovering My Purpose is a non-profit organization.  Our vision is youth thriving by discovering, developing and using their unique skills to make meaningful contributions to the world. 

Supporting purpose in youth can be a delicate path.  As a parent or educator, you probably know this already!  Our kids need our support and guidance, but often resist our efforts to help at the same time.  Discovering My Purpose is here to support you in supporting them.  We share:

  • A discussion forum to talk with others about best practices to help youth discover their purpose, their successes and challenges
  • Resources to learn more about purpose
  • A certified training program to become a Discovering My Purpose teacher

We welcome your voice and encourage your commitment to helping youth live lives of purpose.  Login to get started.