Overview - Find Your Purpose

You are here!  Excellent!  We are so glad that you want to discover your purpose.  We have some great tools and exercises to help.

Learn about how purpose can make a powerful impact on you, helping you live a more authentic, happier life.

Discovering My Purpose is non-profit, which means that all tools and resources here are free. There are two main parts to the web site.  

The first part is watching the videos.  Make sure that you watch the introduction first.  This will help you get the most benefit from this process.   Then watch videos 1 through 8 in order. 

After each video, stop and take the time to do the exercises.   Discovering your purpose is a process that you will revisit again and again over the course of your life.  So slow down and take your time, ok?  This is the first step on a long and exciting journey.  Prefer to read rather than watch?   No problem.   Text versions of the exercises are here.

The second part of the site is to join communities focused on your purposeHere you can talk with people who get what lights you up - because they love it too.

Discovering My Purpose Videos

After watching the video - what's next?
 Power of Purpose
Now that you get the power of purpose, watch the Intro video
 Introduction Now that you better understand the process, watch Step 1 video
 Step 1 - Discovering Your Top Strengths 

Completed the survey? Add your top strengths to your profile.

 Step 2 - Exploring Your Positive Past 
Did the Positive Past exercise? Share what you learned.
 Step 3 - Envisioning Your Fantastic Future   

Fantastic future created?  Post so that we can hear about it!

 Step 4 - Spell of Anonymity
Worn your invisibility cloak?   How did that go?  Tell us about it.
 Step 5 - Be the Change Which social issues do you have passion about?   Share them here.
 Step 6 - More about Purpose
We want to hear about your purpose.   Post about it here.
 Step 7 - Grounded Commitment
Have you started building out your goals?   Let us know about them.
 Step 8 - Authentic Action
Get the Authentic Action template and share your plan with us.
 I am Stuck - Guidance for Getting Unstuck
Post to the "I'm Stuck" thread so that we can help.